After the publication of a Proclamation by the Governor General, the Commission sets up offices in each constituency to receive nominations from aspiring candidates. 

The Governor General's proclamation fixes the day or days and a place or places (including times) on which Returning Officers (RO) shall sit for purposes of receiving nominations of candidates for election as Members of Parliament.

Nominations for the 2014 National election will be posted here at the conclusion of the nomination period.

Basic Requirements of Candidates 

Parliamentary Candidates must:

  • Be citizens of Solomon Islands

  • Have attained the age of 21 years

  • Have been nominated by at least three registered voters 

  • Have paid the prescribed nomination fees of $2000.00.

Two or more candidates are nominated to contest
Elections will go on as it appears in the election timetable.
One candidate is nominated in a Constituency
The only candidate will be declared winner. No elections will be held.
A nominated candidate dies before polling day but after nomination.
There will be no election in the Constituency.
No candidate is successful in the Constituency 
Fresh elections will be arranged.
A nominated candidate resigns
If only one candidate remains he/she shall be declared duly elected. If two or more candidates remain an election will go on as in the election time table. However the withdrawal is brought to the attention of voters in the constituency and the name of the candidate who has withdrawn is either omitted or deleted from all the ballot papers. 


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