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The available documents under this section are the Acts of Parliament and other legislation that are directly used by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC). The versions of these Acts include all amendments approved by Parliament. These versions should not be relied upon for legal matters, and for conclusive advice on the current and accurate versions of these Acts, please contact the Attorney General’s Chamber.


pdf Electoral Act 2018 Popular

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Electoral Act 2018.pdf

pdf Constitution (Amendment) (Electoral Reform) Act 2018 Popular

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Constitution (Amendment) (Electoral Reform) Act 2018.pdf

pdf Solomon Islands Constitution Popular

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SI Constitution.pdf

pdf National Parliament Electoral Provision Act Popular

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pdf National Parliament Electoral Provisions (Amendment) Act 2013 Popular

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National Parliament Electoral Provisions (Amendment) Act 2013.pdf

pdf 2005 Regulations Popular

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2005 Regulations.pdf

pdf National Parliament Electoral Provisions Amendment Act 2013 Popular

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pdf National Parliament (Electoral Provisions) Act Popular

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National Parliament (Electoral Provisions) Act

An Act to make Provisions for the Parliamentary Constituencies for the National Parliament, for Registration of Electors, for the Conduct of Elections, for the Hearing of Petitions in relation to such Elections and Provisions related thereto and consequential thereupon.