The Solomon Islands Electoral Office (SIEO) has confirmed two changes to the list of candidates.

On Saturday 23 March, the Electoral Commission made changes to the list for two constituencies namely North Vella La Vella and Savo/Russell constituencies.

The changes were made under section 30 of the Electoral Act 2018.

For North Vella La Vella, a disqualified candidate Alex Gina Kivolyn was re-instated after objecting his disqualification.

Mr Alex Gina Kivolyn submitted his nomination to the Returning Officer of the North Vella La Vella Constituency on 19 February 2019.  

Although the nomination was accepted by the Returning Officer, Mr Kivolyn was subsequently disqualified, and his name was not printed on the ballot paper.  

Mr Kivolyn objected to his removal from the List, and at its meeting on 21 March the Electoral Commission could find no reason why his name should not be included.  

His name is now reinstated to the ballot paper therefore, in the following order, the three candidates for the North Vella La Vella Constituency are: 

  1. Clezy RORE – United Democratic Party
  2. Milner TOZAKA – Peoples Alliance Party
  3. Alex Gina KIVOLYN – People First Party

Another change made was to the list of candidates for Savo/Russell Constituency, where candidate Mark Kemakeza was removed.

Mr Mark Kemakeza submitted his nomination to the Returning Officer for the Russells and Savo Constituency on 19 February 2019. His application identified that he was affiliated to the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP).  

A complaint was lodged by SIDP that Mark Kemakeza was neither selected nor confirmed by their executive for purposes of the 2019 General Elections.  

The Electoral Commission sought advice from the Attorney General’s Chambers and then met to discuss the matter on 23 March.  

The Commission contacted Mr Mark Kemakeza by telephone, as required by law, and was given the opportunity to respond to the complaint.  

On the basis of the facts before them, the Electoral Commission decided that Mr Mark Kemakeza’s name should be removed from the List of Candidates as his original nomination application was invalid, in that he was not supported by the Solomon Islands Democratic Party.  

Twelve names will now appear on the ballot paper for the Savo/Russell Constituency – in the order they appear on the ballot paper the twelve candidates are:

  1. Buddy Wickhams NO’AMASAHU – Democratic Alliance Party
  2. John Hugo BAULO – Independent
  3. Tome Faemane TARASISIO – Independent
  4. Michael KEMADIKA – United Democratic Party
  5. Dickson MUA – Independent
  6. John Peter TINONI – Independent
  7. Francis Otainao IRO – Independent
  8. Jay Timi RHOBINSON – Independent
  9. Cypriano NUAKE – People First Party
  10. John TALUNAGO – National Transformation Party
  11. Oliver SALOPUKA – Solomon Islands Kadere Party
  12. Derick PEPERE – Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement


Since one candidate was added and another removed, the final total number of candidates for the 2019 National General Election remains at 333.

A final minor alteration was regarding the order of candidates on a ballot paper for Renbell Constituency.

The Electoral Commission has determined that the candidates order initially printed on the ballot paper for Renbell Constituency needs to be altered to match the ballot paper draw conducted by the Returning Officer following the receipt of all nominations.

All candidate names remain, but the order they appear on the ballot paper is now as follows:

  1. Collin Singamoana Tesuátai
  2. Tautai Agikimua
  3. Seth Tegea Gukuna
  4. Tesua Muakitangata
  5. Adrian Tuhanuku
  6. Anthony Tahua