West Kwaio by-election national parliamentary Election Result has been published in the Gazette

Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Fredrick Bosoboe highlighted that publishing the election results for the parliamentary general and by-election in the gazette is an integral part of the electoral process following the counting of votes.

“Publication of the Official Election Results is important as it made reference to the fulfillment of other electoral legal processes”, Mr. Bosoboe said.

He explained that the additional issuance of this official gazette notice by the Commission, following the Returning Officer’s notification initiates its parliamentary processes to inform the winning candidate as a member of parliament-elected formally.

“Not only that but In the Electoral Act, this gazette notice also initiates the beginning of the 90 days period for submission of candidates’ election campaign expenses”, Mr. Bosoboe adds.

Also highlighting that publishing of the election results in the gazette also begins the period of 30 days for lodging an election petition through the High Court.

The Official Result Gazette notice detailed names of candidates in order of the total number of votes gained per candidate.

The Member of Parliament-Elect for the West Kwaio By-Election Parliamentary Seat is Mr. Claudius TEI’IFI with 1793 votes, a total of 689 votes more than its second runner up Mr. MANI John Aron with 1,104 votes.

This accomplishes the election process and Solomon Islands Electoral Commission would like to thank the good people of West Kwaio Constituency, especially candidates and supporters, for a successful by-election and for participating in our democratic voting process.

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