Former Parliamentarian, Alfred Sasako, has renewed his call for Constituency Voter Booths to be set up in Honiara, saying it is a win, win situation for all stakeholders.

"It is the only way for all Constituency registered voters to take part in this year's national general election," Mr Sasako said on the eve of a meeting by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission to consider the matter. 

A senior SIEC official last week told a briefing for intending candidates in Honiara that the matter would be discussed at a meeting this week. 

"I wish to encourage the SIEC and the Ministry of Home Affairs to give this matter the priority of priorities. The cost implications in terms of sending hundreds of Honiara-based voters are far too great for any intending candidates," he said. 

"Furthermore, any intending candidates well-resourced to accommodate boat charters would be incurring the ire of the Commission and the law," Alfred said.

He said establishing Constituency voter booths in Honiara should be the icing on the cake for the new election process which began with the Biometric Voting System (BVS) of registration which was introduced earlier this year. 

Mr Sasakowho is contesting this year's election said the other important consideration for setting up Constituency voter booths in Honiara is that the majority of those who registered to vote are working people. 

"They cannot afford to be away from their work for longer than is necessary. The SIEC would be doing a huge service for everyone in agreeing with me that the consideration for setting up Constituency voter booths in Honiara is overwhelming and over-rides any other consideration," Alfred said. 

"We know the nation's coffers are pretty much empty but I am sure donor support can be secured for such an important development in strengthening the nation's voting system through equal participation," he said.