Solomon Islands Electoral Office 

P.O.BOX 1500, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Telephone: (677) 21198

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced persons for the following vacant positions in the Solomon Islands Electoral Office. Men and women from all provinces are encouraged to apply.                                       

Vacancy Ref No:

Post No:

Position Title



Required Qualifications



Chief Electoral Officer



Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in a social science discipline or Post Graduate degree or Masters in a social science discipline.

Minimum of 10+ years as Head of Ministry/Agency,

Meet the requirements of section 57A of the Constitution and sections 16 & 17 of the Electoral Act 2018



Principal Electoral Operation Officer



Tertiary qualification in Management, public administration, Law, politics or relevant studies on electoral systems. 2-3 relevant years’ work experience in election related fields



Principal Legal Officer



Bachelor Degree in Law or Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice with 2-5 years’ experience as a legal officer. Good understanding of the fundamentals of a free, fair and credible democratic elections.



Principal IT and Data Officer



Tertiary Qualification in the discipline of Information Technology; 3-5 years’ Information Technology and/or Data Centre Management experience.



Principal Admin Officer



Tertiary Qualification in Human Resource Management, Business Management or Public Administration and 5+ years’ HR Management experience



Clerical Officer



Tertiary qualification or Certificate in clerical or secretarial practice or a related field.

Important note for interested candidates

Closing date for Applications:  14th September 2022

A copy of the Application for Employment Cover Sheet Forms (RS Form 6), Job Description (RS Form 2) and Information Packs for each position are available and can be obtained from the Solomon Islands Electoral Office at Vavaya Ridge

Documents Required

  1. RS Form 6 – Application for Employment Solomon Islands Government Cover Sheet
  2. Information sheet 1 (Letter of Application)
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Certified copies of your qualifications
  5. 2 Reference letters

Scan the certified copies of your qualifications if you send the application via email.

Do NOT send originals.

Please note:  All documents submitted as part of the application will remain the property of the Solomon Islands Government and will not be returned to applicants

Medical Report and Police Clearance -You do NOT have to provide copies of your medical report or police clearance when you apply, but if you are shortlisted this will be discussed with you.


For all queries about the application process or the positions please contact the HR and Admin Team

Name: David Tony Vatran or Dominic Meleha

Phone: 21198  or DMeleha@

Send your applications addressed to:

Chief Electoral Officer,

Solomon Island Electoral Office

P.O. Box 1500, HONIARA

Attention: SIEC Recruitment


Information pack links

RS Form 2 Chief Electoral Officer




RS FORM 2 PRINCIPAL ICT and Data Officer

RS FROM 2 Clerical Officer

Final Revised RS Form 6 March 2022

Information Sheet 2 Sample CV preparation guide

Info Sheet 1 Application Letter

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission would like to invite interested groups or organizations who wish to participate in election observation for the upcoming by-elections for West Kwaio constituency to submit their interest in writing to the Chief Electoral Officer.
Applications must be in a group or organization as individual applications will not be accepted. Only the Solomon Islands Electoral Office will accredit observation groups.

Accredited election observation groups or organizations are solely responsible for funding all its Election Observation activities.

 All applications must reach the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Solomon Islands Electoral Office, Vavaea Ridge, before the 10th of September 2022.
Solomon Islands Electoral Commission would like to inform interested observer groups that all post covid-19 electoral events still observes COVID 19 health measures. All candidate agents, scrutinizing the election and election observation personnel both international and domestic must adhere to these measures. The commission will demonstrate its support towards assisting any key observation in this upcoming by-election to instill confidence in the conduct of elections.
Accreditation forms are available online and can be downloaded from SIEC official website: (See below link) or can be requested through email from the liaising officer or can also be collected at the Electoral Office, Vavaea Ridge.

All complete application must return to the Observer Liaison Officer –

Ms. Samantha Mali.
Email:, either in person at
The Solomon Islands Electoral Office
Vavaea Ridge, Honiara.

If forms are returned by email, please contact the Observer Relations
Officer at the SIEC on 21198/21199 to verify and confirm receipt.

FORM A Application for accreditation of electoral observer group

FORM B Application for registration of electoral observers 


The Taskforce on Electoral Reform in July 2022 successfully held consultations with the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly and the wider community stakeholders, and the Honiara City Council on the proposed electoral reform on holding simultaneous elections (one day election) for the Parliamentary, Provincial Assembly and the Honiara City Council.

The consultation with Guadalcanal Province was held on the 14th and 15th of July.

 Hon. Premier for Guadalcanal Province in his remarks during the opening, welcomed the Taskforce and highlighted that “if we want change to strengthen our electoral process, this is the opportunity for us to contribute to make a positive change.”

In response the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Mr. Patteson John Oti acknowledged the Hon. Premier’s welcoming remarks and highlighted that the objective of the consultations was to hear the frank views of the Provincial Assembly members and the wider community representatives on the proposed concept of holding simultaneous elections and the proposed amendments to the election laws.

Mr. Oti said that, this Electoral Reform is founded on the strive for enhancement and strengthening the integrity and delivery of the electoral process in the country and it is a priority of the Electoral Commission and the Government.

During the consultations, one participant highlighted the importance of this consultation and reform.

“Initially I was against the combined or one day election but now I have been won over.  The synchronizing of all elections to happen in one day is a positive change”, He expressed.

 He urged everyone who were part of the consultation to share this positive change in their respective wards and villages.  

The Taskforce and the Commissioners were grateful for the overall support and invaluable contributions made by the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly members and the wider community representatives.

Followed on, on the 27th July 2022, the Taskforce consulted the Honiara City Council.

The Honiara City Deputy Mayor in his opening remarks prudently advised the Electoral Commission, the Taskforce and the Honiara City Council that such reforms are very important and must be thoroughly examined.

“We support the move but at the same time, must be mindful not to create opportunity that will negatively impact our life”, the Deputy Mayor said.

The Honiara City Deputy Mayor said that it is important that we do not compromise election just because lack of fund.

Electoral Commissioner Mr Stanley Pirione acknowledged the sentiments shared by the Deputy City Mayor and assured the Members of the Councils and the Taskforce that, such reform was part of the Commission’s mandate and will continue to work on such reform.

“As technology advances and standards of living change, such change to the law is timely and the Council is very happy to be consulted”, Deputy City Mayor highlights.

“My council is hoping that the outcome of the consultation will provide a level playing field for all the parties involved”.

The idea of synchronization is to have all levels of elections held in one day, however, this needs consensus between these three levels of governing legislatively.

Four provincial governments and Honiara City Council have now been consulted. There are five more provinces to go.

Generally, feedbacks from the five provinces were fair and views shared and trend of discussions have becoming clear.

The Commission will continue to roll out its consultation program for the remaining provinces as scheduled and is looking forward for more fair and constructive contributions from the remaining provincial assemblies’ members and their stakeholders.

The remaining provinces are: -

•         Malaita

•         Temotu

•         Rennell and Bellona

•         Western; and

•         Choiseul.

The next province to be consulted is yet to be confirmed, however, the Taskforce is eager to consult the remaining provinces in 2022 except for Western and Choiseul Provincial Assemblies who will be consulted in year 2023 after their general elections in December 2022.

Councilors with Members of the taskforce and councils' heads of department during the consultation at Pacific Casino Hotel


Names and Symbols of Six (6) Successful nominated candidates who will contest the West Kwaio national parliamentary Seat on the 21st September, 2022.

There were five (5) male candidates with  one (1) female of which 2 were party candidates and 4 will contest as independent.

By-Election date for West Kwaio Constituency is set for 21st September, 2022.

For enquiry, please call SIEO enquiry line on Phone : 7222200



The candidate nomination period  for the by-election was opended from 27th July to 10th  August, 2022. A period of 7 days.

Candidate omination was facilitated by the Returning Officer for West Kwaio Constituency, Mr.Pearson Simi, at the Nomination Centre at Maoa Village, West Kwaio Constituency.

Six (6) Candidates were duly nominated by the close of nominations this afternoon. There is  one (1) female and five (5) males.

Here are the names of candidates nominated.


Candidate Name













A ballot paper draw was also held following the closure of nominations to determine the candidate standings order on the ballot paper. The draw was witnessed by candidate representatives, the election manager and election officials together with the public in and around Maoa Village in West Kwaio.

Candidates have until the 12th  of August to withdraw their nomination if  they have changed their intention to contest in the election.

Election official campaign is also open until 24 hours before polling day..

The Solomon Islands Election Commission wants to remind candidates that while doing their campaign, they must keep track on their campaign expenditures as each will have to file a  statement of expense account on any cost relating to election campaigning.

It is required by law that  candidates must file those expense account  along with disclosure of any financial assistance rendered towards their election campaigning activities.

To cast an informed vote, it is important that constituents take the chance to listen to campaign rallies organized by candidates.

By-Election date for West Kwaio Constituency is set for 21st September, 2022.

For enquiry, please call SIEO enquiry line on Phone : 7222200



We have completed training for our ARO-Data this evening at the Multi Purpose Hall Conference Room.

The 2 days training program was aimed to equip our officers to be able to capture voter details and process data when registering eligible voters during the upcoming Western and Choiseul Provinces voter registration update.

Each of the officers will be deployed to respective constituencies for the voter registration update. The update begins 2nd August 2022, for not more than 21 days in the field.

The training was conducted by our trainers from the Training Unit and the Datacenter Unit.

We wish our officers all the best in carrying out their duties.


SIEO Press

Team Choiseul ARO Data Officers


Team Western ARO Data Officers